Tree pruning, tree removal and other tree services

Crown Thinning

This involves the removal of a percentage of the secondary and small, live branch growth throughout the crown, leaving an even density of foliage.

Crown Lifting

The removal of the lower branches or secondary branches to allow a clearance under the tree.

Crown Reduction/Reshaping

Pruning trees which have become too large for their position, but the owner wishes to retain them.


The complete removal of a tree, leaving only the stump at ground level. This can be done in either two ways, either by straight felling if there is space to do so, or by sectional felling if the tree is positioned near property, obstacles or other trees.


This involves stripping most of the branches off the tree leaving only the trunk and a few shortened branches.

Stump Grinding

Removing an unwanted stump to below ground level so that the area can be grassed over, landscaped, etc.

Tree planting and After Care

Planting young trees/hedges, giving them the best possible start in life and then checking up on their development.

Woodland Management

Giving advice or carrying out work to improve your woodland for wood production or just to enhance it, encouraging wildlife and bio diversity.

Tree Reports

Evaluating the health of trees and providing written evidence of the findings.

Hedge Cutting

Trimming hedges to keep them neat and tidy.

Hedge Reduction

Pruning hedges to either bring them down in height or take them back in width.

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Tree pruning and tree removal